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In exciting news we are delighted to welcome Russ Paton to the RA Motorsport Developments team.


Russ has come on board with us full time to tune cars in our purpose built dyno cell and brings with him a wealth of knowledge, ranging from OEM ECU tuning to state of the art standalone ECU set-up and mapping. We look forward to the ever increasing, diverse range of cars this will bring through our doors.


We continue to offer our excellent workshop maintenance and bodyshop services so we truly are a one-stop performance tuning shop!


email to or give us a call on 01738 583064 if you have any questions or booking enquiries.



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Our new onsite mapping centre provides us with the ability to map a vast selection of European cars and vans, including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi and more. Call us now for details.


3D Laser Alignment

RA are pleased to announce we now carry out 3D 4 wheel laser alignment using the latest state of the art Laser alignment equipment. we can check – and if necessary – adjust alignment. once we are satisfied that the vehicle conforms to the Manufacturers specification, we will provide you with a detailed report of your vehicles alignment settings. Alignment that is out of adjustment wears tyres unevenly, can effect your cars steering and ability to track straight on a road, which could lead to getting points on your license (3 per tyre), fines or even be the cause of an accident. Book now to get your car checked and have peace of mind that all is well with your vehicle.

3D Laser Wheel alignment or tracking is the process whereby the direction and angle of the wheels on your vehicle are re-set to the specifications recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Using state of the art 3-D laser technology our expert tracking technicians ensure that any movement caused by pot holes, kerbs or speed bumps are rectified ensuring:


* Increased Tyre Life     * Increased Fuel Ecomomy     * Improved handling     * Safer Driving


If you’re wondering whether your car needs an alignment, first look at your tires. Uneven tire wear — often, more wear on the outside of some tires — is a prime indicator that your car is likely out of alignment. Here are a few more indicators:


* your car seems to be drifting to one side, even when you think you’re driving straight

* your steering wheel vibrates

* you are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn’t centered

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